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Term And Condition

Terms & Conditions

Hansraj Ventures (“The Company,” “We” or “Us”)  Terms of Use:

These terms & conditions are said to be a legal contract between “You as a Client” and “Hansraj Ventures as The Company.”  The terms & conditions are guidelines for you (as a client) about using website located at the website link:  www.hansrajventures.com and associated sites linked to www.hansrajventures.com. By using this website as well as website link you as a client agreeing to all the terms & conditions of Hansraj Ventures as The Company; if you do not agree with any of these mentioned terms & conditions, Hansraj Ventures and its associated sites does not allow or otherwise use this website or any information of this site.


Changes in Policies

The Hansraj Ventures as The Company may make changes to the website content and Services offered on the Site at any time, without prior notice. The Hansraj Ventures as The Company can update, change, or remove or add provisions of these terms & conditions, at any time and without prior notice by updating and posting the terms and conditions on this Site. It is understood that by using this website of www.hansrajventures.com after the Hansraj Ventures as the company has updated the Terms, you (as a client) are agreeing to all the updated terms & conditions; if you do not agree with any of the updated terms & conditions, you shall stop using the website of Hansraj Ventures.



You (as a client) agree on the terms and conditions which says:


You are responsible to pay every candidate that is hired through Hansraj Ventures to provide you the services.


You (as a client) are not supposed to be involved/participated/or interfered in hiring process. Hiring will be done only by the experts from Hansraj Ventures and you (as a client) mutually agree upon this.


You (as a client) solely responsible for each and every paid promotion you seek through Hansraj Ventures.


You (as a client) are agreed upon that till the project is on Hansraj Venture’s bond, every hired candidate for your services will be on the payroll of Hansraj Ventures.


You (as a client) agreed that sales and every other offered incentive by you will be on client side and Hansraj Ventures will not be responsible to pay it in any form.


Hansraj Ventures by law and by its policies will not claim any other charges, any hidden charges, or any not mentioned compensation from its client, except the charges for “Purchased Plan.”


Hansraj Ventures will not be asking any of its authority, contributor, licensor, associates and hired candidates to get any payment directly-indirectly from you (as a client).


You (as a client) agree that all the payments for hired candidates to provide you services will be done through Hansraj Ventures only. You (as a client) abide not to transfer any employee (hired through Hansraj Ventures to provide you services) payment directly to the account of employee. If you breach any terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement, your account will be terminated, your services will be stopped without any prior notice to you. This will be heard under the jurisdiction of Kolkata district, if your explanation failed to convince the legal authorities of Hansraj Ventures.


You (as a client) agree that on expiration of a plan you shall upgrade and continue the services. If you use services without upgrading plan, Hansraj Ventures will not be responsible for any payments that supposed to be paid to the hired candidates, the company will not be responsible for any harm or a damage you (as a client) get from that candidate. Hansraj Ventures will not entertain any issue or a case occurred due to your negligence as well as by an activity you out performed by barring terms & conditions.


Hansraj Ventures keep the rights only on the payment of purchased plan by the client. The company will not ask for any shares or margins from the profits earned by the client through services of Hansraj Ventures.


You are signing this agreement with Hansraj Ventures as you have read all the terms & conditions. You acknowledge that you are registered owner, your business is legally registered, you are not a minor, the signing authority is not a third-party but you as an owner. Hansraj Ventures will be signing agreement only with a legal owner of the business, not with any representative or a third-party. You hereby agree to bind that even after reading the terms & conditions you asked/sent your representative or third-party to sign agreement; to fully guarantee and hold responsibility if any such person sent by you breaches terms & conditions. If you are not a company authority, or an authorised person, or a person who granted no access, or a minor you shall not use the agreement as an opportunity at any cost or by any manner or sign this agreement with any motive with the Hansraj Ventures as well as with the company. Such signed agreement will not be considered valid and such behaviour will be liable to face legal action taken by Hansraj Ventures against client as per local jurisdiction.


General Practice


By using this site of Hansraj Ventures, you (as a client) acknowledge, represent, and agree that you are registered owner of a business, and you are registered legally, and you are at least above 18 years of age and below 21(Minor as per our policies), that you are using the website with the permission of your company authority, you as a authorised person by your company, or a  parent or legal guardian and that you have received your company’s or of an authority person’s of a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to use the website of Hansraj Ventures and agree to its terms & conditions.  If you are a company authority, or an authorised person of a company who has allowed the third person to access Hansraj Ventures website; or a parent or a legal guardian of a person at least above 18 years and below 21 (Minor as per our policies), you hereby agree to bind the third person or a minor to these terms & conditions and to fully guarantee and hold harmless the Company if the minor or a third person (you as a client allowed to access Hansraj Ventures website) breaches any of these terms & conditions.  If you are not a company authority, or an authorised person, or a person who granted no access, minor without a permission to access, you may not use the website at any time or by any manner or submit any information to the Hansraj Ventures or the website of the company.

The Hansraj Ventures provides content through the website of the company that is copyrighted in legal manner and-or a trademarked work of the Hansraj Ventures or the company’s third-party licensors as well as associates including suppliers or other users of the website. Content may include graphics, logos, software, video, and other content.

Subject to the terms & conditions of these terms of Hansraj Ventures, and your compliance with these terms & conditions, the Company as in Hansraj Ventures hereby grants you a partial, personal, non-transferable & non-exclusive license to usage and to demonstrate the content and to use this website only for your individual use.  Except for the preceding permission, you (as a client) have no other rights in the website or in any content and you shall not copy, modify, create, edit, and reproduce website content in any form, in any way  and in any manner.

On breaching terms & conditions, Hansraj Ventures keeps right to terminate agreement between you (as a client of) and Hansraj Ventures (as the company) automatically. And you must destroy all accessed and downloaded content immediately as a part of terms & conditions.


Third-Party Sites


The Hansraj Ventures website as a part of professional activities may be linked to third-party-sites. Wherein in certain situation website of Hansraj Ventures may asked you to interact with the linked third-party-sites or reset your privacy settings to get permission to see your information while you still appear on the company website. You shall understand before you share or access any third-party-website through your login from Hansraj Ventures that third-party-websites have their set of privacy policies, user guide and terms & conditions. And you agree that you are permitting third-party-sites to access your information still you being on the company site. The Hansraj Ventures provide third-party-links for your convenience and does not assure or take responsibility of third-party-sites or anything that is displayed on the site by third-party. You (as a client) agree that the company Hansraj Ventures will not be directly/indirectly responsible for or liable for any loss or harm caused by third-party-sites.  Hansraj ventures does not constitute or imply any reference on the website to any service, products, materials, content, or services offered by any third-party or entity/individual. Hansraj Ventures (as a company) does not recommend or endorse any third-party products or content to you (as a client).


Unlawful Activities


If you are using the website of Hansraj Ventures you agree not to:


Violate any rights


Misuse the website for personal benefits


Harass, loose talk, threaten and defame others or anybody associated with Hansraj Ventures.


Raise racial comments in the form of feedback or offensive language.


Post socially unethical content.


Use any artificial intelligence like means to access the website of Hansraj Ventures to create fear and disturbance.


Review and alter the comments posted by our clients/members on this site.


Post anything clearly false or misleading.


Post others product or advertise your product through your account with Hansraj Ventures.


Post anything contrary that will harm national sentiment.


This list of unlawful activities are just examples and is not whole list.  If you are found in any of these activities your account (as a client’s account) will be terminated, with no means you (as a client) will get access to your account. Hansraj Ventures keeps all rights to decide your intention, cause behind your posts, reasons for you being so with the company website, and whether your motive is disruptive or inappropriate.   The company Hansraj Ventures may report to legal authorities in the Kolkata Jurisdictions any activities that might be illegal, and any reports about unlawful it receives.  Hansraj Ventures if legally required will cooperate with legal authorities in the Kolkata Jurisdictions in any inquiry of suspected unlawful activity on the company website of Hansraj Ventures or on the internet.

In such situation, you (as a client) agree to hold and indemnify everyone that is a part of Hansraj Ventures inoffensive from and against any and all damages, costs, expenses, and liabilities which includes the legal fees the company or its every associated members might suffers in relation to or any prerogative or claim from a third-party that your (as a client) use of this website or the use of this website by any person using your (as a client’s) user name, or credentials or secret information like passwords, without any set limitations by you or posting/accessing in your presence or on your approval to access; violates any judiciary applicable law or judicial regulation, or the rights including trademark/copyright or the third-party-rights.


Exclusive Rights


Hansraj Ventures is located in Kolkata in the state of West Bengal and operated under the Kolkata jurisdiction. Hansraj Ventures a new start-up promises that the content, logos, names on the company website are the property of its respective owners. All rights not explicitly granted herein are reserved. The information, content, and data provided on the site are copyrighted material. To use the site material is strictly prohibited. Hansraj Ventures does not support any imitation, reproduction, and modification of its site content with or without consent of the copyright owner. All rights are reserved with the company Hansraj Ventures.




You (as a client) here at the website of Hansraj Ventures at your own risk. The content is neither authenticated nor verified solely by Hansraj Ventures. Which means you may find inaccuracies or grammatical errors. Hansraj Ventures does guarantee any timeline for the presently displayed content on the site.  Hansraj Ventures is not responsible for any accountability, any responsibility, any form of mistakes or  errors in the content on the website as it is provided by several contributors.

Hansraj Ventures for the company itself, its associates, contributors, and licensors, does not imply, warranty, statutory representations, and guarantee in connection with the website, services it offers, content, reliability of it, any form of materials and its accuracy or any type of material that present on the site. Hansraj Ventures is not responsible for any damage to your system, viruses, malware, and spyware which may get into your system knowingly-unknowingly. To the maximum limit allowed by law, content provided on the website of Hansraj Ventures to you is “as it is,” “as it should be,” “as available,” and “where-is” with no any warranty on information or content. It may not fit for a special purpose or merchantability.


Local Jurisdiction and Laws


Hansraj Ventures operates from its headquarters located in Kolkata, in the State of West Bengal. Hansraj Ventures will be following applicable local laws under Kolkata Jurisdiction. You as client using this website within Kolkata, outside Kolkata, outside the state of West Bengal, or outside the Indian territory, you as a client responsible for following applicable local laws as per Kolkata Jurisdiction.


Terms on Feedback


Any form of feedback sent through any source to the Hansraj Ventures by you as client will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Here feedback including comments, emails, telephone, messages, any form of communications that recommended by you to the company. It is understood that your suggestions you allow Hansraj Ventures to use freely, without anything in-return to you, no any kind of compensation or infringement of intellectual property rights and such other rights. Hansraj Ventures will be exceptionally using your feedback for developing services, and quality of product.


Language of Terms & Conditions

Hansraj Ventures will operate its all operations, documentation, and agreements, notices, and any such communication in the English Language. You as a client or a party Hansraj Ventures consider agrees upon.

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