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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Hansraj Ventures (“Hansraj Ventures,” “the company,” “we,” or “us,” or “our”) respect your (as a client) privacy and with the same motive created this privacy policy to show our sincerity to the privacy of our every client. Hansraj Ventures provides skilled manpower to the new start-ups and provides a solid platform for business development. This privacy policy intends to help you in understanding how we use, collect, and disclose individual’s personal information that the company collects from users of our website www.hansrajventures.com and related product & services.

What Data We Collect

It is understood that by accessing the website of the company by you Hansraj Ventures collect your information directly from you, from your associates using the site on your behalf, third parties, and directly through your (as a client of Hansraj Ventures) use of our services. Hansraj Ventures may accumulate the provided information from these several sources.

The collected information is often the personal information of our client which is directly from you. This information you feed us through subscribing to Hansraj Venture’s website, newsletter, and events updates. This information is general information for example your name, email address, personal contact details, and such other essential information. Hansraj Ventures does not collect any banking and finance-related information from its client and it is not in any situation a part of our privacy policy.

Hansraj Ventures will not collect any information of minors for its any business functions. Children. We do not offer any services to minors. Under our policy, we will not ask any of our associates, staff, or service provider to collect any information from minors. If Hansraj Ventures find that minors have accessed our website and submitted personal information on the site, all information will be permanently deleted from our systems.

 We use shared data by you with us for business follow-ups. Means of communications may include email, a telephonic call, and or face-to-face talk with our staff. Hansraj Ventures keep a track of every interaction which we use to respond to our client accordingly to understand you better, to improve our services, build trust, and keep our relations engaging.

Your content in the form of reviews, comments, and questions likewise on our blogs or the site; Hansraj ventures keeps a copy of the information as well as every content posted by you. The company collects information related to your use of services of Hansraj Ventures. We also process collected information from you by us in the form of you participate in the online survey, you as a part of discussion groups, you shared information as a volunteer, and your opinion and interests. Hansraj Ventures use all shared information by you to develop better plans to provide the best services to you (as our client).

Your information we collect through log files, Ip address, cookies, device or browser type, location information, domain name, plan id, user id, the duration you accessed our services and links you click or every other activity you do by accessing the website of Hansraj Ventures. We will not track any of your activities once your plan or agreement with us expires. We ensure your information will be with us till you are accessing our services by being in terms & conditions of Hansraj Ventures. Click here to know more about our Terms & Conditions (insert link). 

How We Use Our Client’s Information

Hansraj Ventures use its client’s information for:

Improving Our Product & Services

Developing the Standard of Our Website

To get help in developing new or additional features in current services

To better website experience

To communicate with our client

For technical operations

For updating software

To authenticate users

To conduct market research and analysis to find the market trend

For statistical evaluation

For communication between us to answer your queries, questions, to follow you up, and to ensure our staff’s interactions with you are happening accordingly

To compare us with the outside market to bring changes in our product, services, policies, and offers

To keep check on any fraud, illegal, unethical, socially harmful content if somebody by mistake or purposely posting on the website of Hansraj Ventures

To stop and prohibit any wrongdoing before it poses a risk to you (as a client) and us

To use the information as proof or as evidence if Hansraj Ventures required to take any legally actionable activity or to enforce this privacy policy or its Terms & Conditions

To fulfill with valid legal or regulatory responsibilities, as part of a legal proceeding; to respond to a judiciary order, warrant, law court order, or other lawful processes; or as part of formal or an informal police/judicial/governmental inquiry.

And for every such business need that will help in building trust and relations between the company and its client. It includes marketing strategies, better advertising experience, promotions of services, which will help Hansraj Ventures as well as all its clients, associates, licensors, and every that individual who will be part of us.

How We Disclose Our Client’s Information

Hansraj Ventures do not share, sell or rent your (as a client) information to any unknown, to any third-party person, or to anybody who was and is not a part of the company in any form. We do not share your information for outsiders’ marketing purposes and none of the employees of Hansraj Ventures promise any third party about your personal information may be used by a third party for their promotion and advertisement. Hansraj Ventures may disclose your (as a client) data, as per disclosure or as follows:

Your personal information will be shared with affiliates and associates of Hansraj Ventures including our service providers, our candidates whom we hired for you and to provide you services, vendors, and other contributors who perform some of our functions on our behalfs like software engineers, data providers, relationship managers, and system analysts.

We will disclose your personal information to other entities like mergers if we transfer or sell our business or a unit.

We may disclose your information with negotiators, or during bankruptcy proceedings, or with business transactions.

We may disclose your personal information to protect the interests and rights of Hansraj Ventures for the safety of our property, services, products, security of its associates, contributors, licensors, and staff working for us.

We may disclose your information to keep the image and status of Hansraj Ventures if any activity is a reason for getting it maligned.

To use the information as proof or as evidence if Hansraj Ventures required to take any legally actionable activity or to enforce this privacy policy or its Terms & Conditions

To fulfill with valid legal or regulatory responsibilities, as part of a legal proceeding; to respond to a judiciary order, warrant, law court order, or other lawful processes; or as part of formal or an informal police/judicial/governmental inquiry.

To conduct market research and analysis to find the market trend

Hansraj Ventures give you choices related to receiving marketing emails. You may opt out and choose not to receive any emails.

Cookies Policy

Hansraj Ventures and its associates in the form of the service provider may use pixels, cookies, or a JavaScript-like mechanism to track your information. We may collect it to deliver personalized content or to keep track of your use of the website of Hansraj Ventures.

Cookies are for record-keeping or to make your navigation of the website of Hansraj Ventures simpler.

You may control cookies through your browser settings but also remember cookies enable faster log-in and allow the company to track your activities on the website better.

You (as a client) shall understand that if you limit the websites’ ability to set cookies, we shall not be able to serve you with our potentiality. Setting limits to the cookies may not be able to save login information or likewise customized settings.

We may use web beacons or pixel tags to track your (as a client) activities on our website.

We and our service providers may use web beacons in HTML emails, to keep a track of how often they are read, responded to, viewed, and forwarded.

We may use Google Analytics like third-party analytics to improve and to analyze our present services, ad campaigns, and overall performance. We inform you that Google Ads like third parties use cookies to give you more relevant content. This results in you seeing our advertisements on third-party sites.

You may always opt out of cookies. You shall remember that opting out does not mean you will not see ads anymore. You may receive ads that may be “contextual” on our services.

The website of Hansraj Ventures may contain links to third-party websites, you must understand that the privacy policies of the third-party website may differ from Hansraj Ventures. We inform you to cautiously read the privacy policy of any third-party website you visit while you are active on the site of Hansraj Ventures. The company (Hansraj Ventures) will not be responsible for any privacy practices or information you submit to an unknown website outside the company website.

Widgets showed on our websites are held by the related third party and are subject solely to the privacy policies of that third-party, Hansraj Ventures providing the Widget and not the privacy policy of the third-party website.

International Transfers of Personal Information

Hansraj Ventures is in Kolkata, the state of West Bengal, the territory of India. Your personal information that we collect may be stored, transferred, and accessed by the request from the jurisdiction of Kolkata and if another jurisdiction where we operate. Some of this law enforcement may not provide data protection as your home jurisdiction. Hansraj Ventures will take adequate steps to ensure your data is protected in the jurisdiction in which we process it. Which may include written terms or agreements on data transfer or data processing.

Security Measures

We are committed to secure and provide safety to your personal information. We have executed necessary security measures to protect your data from any unauthorized access, third-party use, or third-party disclosure. However, you (as a client) must note that no internet transmissions are not 100% safe.

Retention of Your Personal Information

Hansraj Ventures will not retain your (as a client) any information once the agreement gets over. It will be if necessary and helpful in any legal matter, or as proof in solving disputes, and essential in business records then only retained. Hansraj Ventures may retain your personal information till it is required by our law enforcement, professional indemnity, or regulatory obligations or where the company finds it necessary to begin, guard or keep legal rights and interests of us or our associates/contributors/licensors and such others.

How you can update personal information

You may amend, access, update and correct your info just by writing at info@hansrajventures.com. You may request us to update, correct, delete or object to the personal information. As per law if you have conducted unlawful activities or if you have violated our norms, we may retain some of your personal information as proof. Your personal information will be with us till we resolve the issue.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of Hansraj Ventures is the present policy. We may change this policy whenever we find it is required or from time to time. You (as a client) shall check the privacy policy periodically. We may take time to display any changes to this policy on the company website, we may take time to update or to notify you about changes. You must know the privacy policy of Hansraj Ventures you will find on the company website and not on the third-party site. We also ensure changes in the privacy policy will reach you via emails and in the form note on the website of Hansraj Ventures.

Contact Us

You (as a client) if have anything to share, say, comment, questions, or a concern about this privacy policy and our handling of your personal information; feel free to write us at info@hansrajventures.com

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